Climbing For The Kids

CLIMB FOR LIFE - Education for Children Living in Poverty

We Did it - Dreams For Life completes the Dual Mountain Challenge!

After tacking Mt-Agung in a 24 Hour period then backing up 36 Hours later in Lombok to conquer Mt Rinjani, the team was exhausted but feeling on top of the world because this was for the Kids!

That's right this was our initial fund raising initiative to support the over 1.5M young orphaned children living in poverty in Indonesia today by providing the "Read For Life" education program offering an annual sustainable Language, Literacy, Phonics and Numeracy curriculum.

I want to personally thank:

  • My wonderful son Joshua who continues to grow into a wonderful young man, it was an honour to have him with me, his inner qualities of both Leadership and Humanity were truly amazing including the support for each other and the ability to experience this amazing event together.
  • My beautiful partner in life Ayu! I was amazed at her incredible desire to do the climb and so incredibly proud of the effort she put in during such a challenging exercise, i grew to admire her in so many other ways, just one step in the incredible life journey we have ahead.
  • Eva - wow I know through your connections the effort you put in to not only support the organization of such a memorable event but also join us for the first leg on Mt. Agung. Thank you so much for making the journey possible, your amazing and we are proud to have you as a friend for life.
  • Tommy - Our sensational guide on Mt.Rinjani - wow to your and the Sherpa team who become both our compass and survival pack you are truly an amazing team that supported our ability to complete this enormous trek and arrive fit, healthy and in one piece!

So far we have been able to raise $8,000 for the kids, this provides a start in the educational future, thank you all for your continued support in realising DREAMS FOR LIFE!